19 Juni 2013

The Application of Death Penalty for Corruptors in Indonesia

Nowadays, the corruption in Indonesia is rapidly increased. Most of the corruptors are state officers who work in government and members of house who have duties to serve people and make them become prosperous. This becomes a complex problem in Indonesia because it does affect condition in some aspects which are being worse and worse. Corruption destroys lives and communities, and undermines countries and institutions. Knowing this, there should be a step made to solve this problem. One of some solutions offered by Indonesian is the death penalty, but unfortunately it couldn't be applied until now with unacceptable reasons delivered by government which are actually used to save them. Whereas, by applying the death penalty for corruptors, the amount of corruptor in Indonesia will be decreased and the credibility of government becomes better.

The growth of corruptors in Indonesia is because of some reasons, one of them is the low punishment. We need the high one, the punishment that will make people afraid and corruptors grudge to corrupt. Here, death penalty comes as a deterrent effect for corruptors. This will make people stay away and protect the state officer and members of house from corruption because they will think twice or even more when they want to corrupt in as much as of the penalty. Besides, death penalty is a good step to prevent the appearance of the next corruptor. They will become chary to do this haram activity. “If Indonesian, which is one of some corrupt nations, doesn’t apply death penalty for corruptors, the corruption number must be increased day by day.” Said post-graduate program lecturer of UMS, Tcipto Subadi. So it clearly can decrease the amount of corruptor and make the society will be proud to know their country is clean and there is no corruption again from the grass root until the chief of the country.

A survey done by transparancy.org, an independent organization which consists of 146 countries, shows the result of Corruption Perception Index or known as CPI with Indonesia sits in the 5th rank in the world and the 1st rank in Asia Pacific as the most corrupt nation.This condition shows the bad work of government and makes people loose their belief or in other words we may say that the grade of believable toward government is extremely low nowadays. Government has responsibility toward the worst condition where corruption is like culture in Indonesia so they must decide one serious decision to stop corruption to grow larger. Therefore, by giving the death penalty for corruptors in Indonesia, people will realize that government really concern and serious with this problem. There will be no question again for the existence of government who truly fight against corruption. The policy will make their credibility become better because society admit the commitment of government.

Corruption has already occurred for years and the amount of corruption cases in Indonesia has been increasing day by day. This condition happens because there is no an audacious step to fight against it. Without any serious attempt, corruption in Indonesia will definitely be rampant. Therefore, the death penalty for corruptors should be applied in order to stop the growth of corruptors in Indonesia and make people believe in the government.

Esa Nur Intan
June, 1 2013



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